Mailing Address

Diablo Valley Dem Club c/o Sue Hamill

2625 Venado Camino

Walnut Creek, CA 94598

General Email

President: Kathryn Durham-Hammer

Vice President: Donna Warnken-Brill

Treasurer: Sue Hamill

Secretary: Kathleen Van Winkle

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Position & Committee


Find a way to participate that fits YOUR skills and interests.



Lead meetings and represent the club at public and private events. Oversee all club activities, positions, and committees. Manage the club bylaws with the assistance of the other Board members. 


Vice President:

Lead meetings and represent the club at public and private events in support of and/or in the absence of the President. Help oversee all club positions and committees. Store and provide audiovisual equipment and club banner for meetings and events as needed.



Maintain all written and financial records of the club.  Handle all club finances and provide the Treasurer's report at each monthly meeting. Ensure the club follows FPPC and any other applicable financial and reporting regulations.  Manage and update club roster and bylaws.


Take meeting minutes, manage attendance sign-in sheets and name tags, and ensure members are notified of club meetings. 

Membership Director & Committee:

Welcome all new and renewing members in person and by phone and/or email. Oversee all communication with members, identify areas that need improvement, and propose improvements to the Board. Manage yearly or semi-annual membership drives via mailings to residents in the club's area of representation. Recruit new members by tabling at public events and by other means. Engage existing members (by phone and in person).

Precinct Organizing Director & Committee:

Build the club's grassroots organizing team ("GO" Team) infrastructure by implementing canvassing software, materials, and resources to canvass neighborhoods in the club's area of representation. Train other members to become Precinct Leaders in their own neighborhoods. Precinct Leaders inform and engage voters and form Blue communities close to home. 

Voter Registration Director & Committee:

Organize and manage voter registration events for the club in the club's area of representation.

Communications Director & Committee:

Increase and improve the club's presence on the internet and social media (website blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Keep website blog and social media current by posting news, events, and changes as needed, and at least once a week. Prepare monthly newsletter.

Issues Director & Committee:

Stay abreast of current issues and inform club members at meetings and via website blog and social media content. Propose and organize club action related to current municipal, county, state, and federal issues and legislation.

Endorsements Director & Committee:

Manage endorsements decision-making process by vetting candidates and proposed legislation and sharing findings with the Board and club members.

Programs Director & Committee:

Propose and arrange for speakers, actions, and substantive events for club members. 

Social Coordinator & Committee:

Plan and organize social events (like the Summer Salad Party), and coordinate decor and refreshments for meetings and events.