Meet Our Board

Jamie Salcido

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A Bay Area transplant, Jamie grew up in Minnesota, where elementary school Earth Day celebrations first inspired her to get politically involved in the environmental movement and she attended the School for Environmental Studies in high school.

Jamie studied journalism at Northwestern University. In college, she took a trip to Nashville where she volunteered at Al Gore’s campaign headquarters in her first presidential election where she was old enough to vote. She later moved to Sioux Falls to work as a TV reporter, where she covered a lively period in South Dakota politics – Sen Tom Daschle bounced back and forth between his status as Minority Leader and Majority Leader as the U.S. Senate pendulum swung, a manslaughter conviction brought down one of the state’s political icons, and Democrat Stephanie Herseth emerged as the first woman elected to the U.S. House of Representatives from South Dakota.

Desiring to have a more tangible impact, Jamie pursued graduate studies in landscape architecture and worked as an urban designer, which brought her to the West Coast. However, the Great Recession and student loan debt nudged her into an accidental career in brand management and marketing communications. Her first job in marketing was at a locally based chocolate company, where she met her husband, Will. Jamie now lives and works in Walnut Creek, where she and her husband moved shortly before the birth of their daughter in 2016.

Vice President:
Farrah Zarea


Farrah became involved in local politics during the 2020 election cycle, during which she worked as a member of Contra Costa County's Coordinated Campaign Field Strategy Team by assisting local candidates with their campaign strategies. She also ran a weekly Biden-Harris phone bank, which called voters all over the country in the months leading up to the Presidential Election.


As the DV Dems Vice President, she looks forward to energizing, mobilizing, and engaging our members through political activities, forums, and events, and encouraging active participation in the electoral process. Farrah is a prosecutor and resides in Walnut Creek.

Donna Warnken-Brill


I am a lifelong Democrat as well as a long term resident of the Bay Area. I grew up in Concord, raised my children in Walnut Creek, and I am now living in Alamo. I am a retired Registered Nurse after working many years at Oakland Children’s Hospital. During my children’s school years, I was an active volunteer serving as President, Vice-President and other positions on each school’s PTA board. I have also served on two non-profit boards. I currently volunteer as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for a child in foster care.


I joined the Diablo Valley Democratic Club because during my first meeting I felt the welcoming spirit and positive energy of the Club and wanted to be a part of it. I am now a member of the precinct organizing team. We are working to further develop a communication network of democrats in the area through our outreach activities. As Vice President, I will be the membership coordinator and will also provide support to our committees through communication and organization. I look forward to welcoming new members, as well as ensuring all members have the opportunity to get involved and be informed throughout the year.


I believe our DV Dems vision and goal of “Building Democratic Leaders through Education and Action” is essential to making our Democratic ideals a reality in our country.

Van Winckel

Kathleen DV Dems picture.jpg

Kathleen got involved in local issues in the late 90s as a founding member of Stand-Up, a local coalition of Homeowner’s groups who worked with Contra Costa County and several City councils to develop a neighborhood-beneficial development plan for the Pleasant Hill Bart area.  She worked in a variety of corporate roles in the financial industry including accounting, finance, corporate strategy and more.  She was an active member of the Women’s Network in her company and mentored women in the art of the ask.  She’s a member of the SwingLeft 2020 team in Pleasant Hill and hosts weekly letter writing parties to get voters registered in key swing states.  She’s a member of the DV Dems precinct organizing team and would love all DV Dems members to give it a try.  Kathleen looks forward to helping to grow the size and impact of the DV Dems through execution of focused priorities.  Please let her know what you think the DV Dems should be focused on – she’d love to hear from you.  

When we participate in the democratic process,

we can change the world!


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