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President: Kathryn Durham-Hammer

Vice President: Donna Warnken-Brill

Treasurer: Sue Hamill

Secretary: Kathleen Van Winkle

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“Think one person can change the world?  We do.”  That was the slogan that drew Kathryn Durham-Hammer from her hometown, Oakland, California, to Oberlin College in Ohio.  At Oberlin, she majored in Politics and Environmental Studies.  During college, she studied Sustainable Democracy in Senegal, West Africa.  There, she met her future husband, Evan.  She and Evan are the parents of three. 


After college, Kathryn earned her Juris Doctorate at University of California, Berkeley Law School.  She practiced law in Oakland, California, forming non-profit corporations and chasing software pirates.  In 2011, Kathryn and her family moved to Concord, California.  There, Kathryn started a dance fitness and nutrition business, Glow Fitness.  She also serves as President of the PTSA at Ygnacio Valley High School.


Her political involvement began in college when she interned for Congresswoman Barbara Lee in Washington, D.C.  She then organized for President Barack Obama during his first campaign.  After the 2016 election, Kathryn started the Indivisible ReSisters of Walnut Creek and helped mobilize thousands of voters to flip districts around the country.  She also chaired the successful 2018 Measure J campaign for safe, quality schools. Kathryn is active at the local, county, and state levels of the California Democratic Party (CDP).  At the state level, she was elected as Assembly District delegate to the CDP for Assembly District 14.  At the county level, she serves as District Director for Supervisory District 4.


As President of the DV Dems, and in all of her political roles, Kathryn's primary goal is to inform and engage voters.  Her focus is on building the grassroots infrastructure of the Democratic Party through precinct organizing.  She believes that participation is what will make the Democratic Party the party of and for the people and will allow the USA live up to its ideals as a land of opportunity with liberty and justice for all.

Vice President:



I am a lifelong Democrat as well as a long term resident of the Bay Area. I grew up in Concord, raised my children in Walnut Creek, and I am now living in Alamo. I am a retired Registered Nurse after working many years at Oakland Children’s Hospital. During my children’s school years, I was an active volunteer serving as President, Vice-President and other positions on each school’s PTA board. I have also served on two non-profit boards. I currently volunteer as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for a child in foster care.


I joined the Diablo Valley Democratic Club because during my first meeting I felt the welcoming spirit and positive energy of the Club and wanted to be a part of it. I am now a member of the precinct organizing team. We are working to further develop a communication network of democrats in the area through our outreach activities. As Vice President, I will be the membership coordinator and will also provide support to our committees through communication and organization. I look forward to welcoming new members, as well as ensuring all members have the opportunity to get involved and be informed throughout the year.


I believe our DV Dems vision and goal of “Building Democratic Leaders through Education and Action” is essential to making our Democratic ideals a reality in our country.


Sue Hamill

While a lifelong Democrat, I didn’t start my political activism until President Obama’s 2008 campaign.  Then came the ACA battle in 2010 (healthcare is near and dear to my heart), and by the 2010 mid-terms I was hooked.   In 2012, I was a field organizer in Contra Costa County for the Obama campaign and attended the DNC convention as a delegate.   In 2014 & 15 our Contra Costa ACA team ran over 150 education/enrollment events for Covered CA and MediCal.  I repeated my field organizer role in Contra Costa County for the 2016 Hillary campaign.


During this time, I also began to work within the Democratic party.  To start, I joined several local Democratic clubs, the Contra Costa County Central Committee (DPCCC), and also became active in the CA Democratic Party (CA Dem).  


I have held several elected positions and still serve currently:

ADEM from AD14, 2010 to 2018

ADEM E-Board representative, 2016-2018

CA Dem Voter Services Standing Committee member, 6/2015 to date (expires 6/2019)

CA Dem Rural Caucus Bay Area Regional Chair in 6/2017 to date (expires 6/2019)

Delegate to the DPCCC, BOS District 4, 1/2017 to date (expires 1/2021)

Diablo Valley Democratic Club Treasurer, 9/2017 to date (expires 9/2020)

2nd Vice Chair DPCCC, 2/2018 to date (expires 1/2021)


I value the experiences working from grass-roots to the state party level.  I plan to continue my local work with the Diablo Valley Democratic Club and the DPCCC.    I am now a delegate to the CA Dem from the DPCCC and hope to continue as an E-Board representative, as well my other offices within the CA Democratic Party. 



Van Winckle

Kathleen got involved in local issues in the late 90s as a founding member of Stand-Up, a local coalition of Homeowner’s groups who worked with Contra Costa County and several City councils to develop a neighborhood-beneficial development plan for the Pleasant Hill Bart area.  She worked in a variety of corporate roles in the financial industry including accounting, finance, corporate strategy and more.  She was an active member of the Women’s Network in her company and mentored women in the art of the ask.  She’s a member of the SwingLeft 2020 team in Pleasant Hill and hosts weekly letter writing parties to get voters registered in key swing states.  She’s a member of the DV Dems precinct organizing team and would love all DV Dems members to give it a try.  Kathleen looks forward to helping to grow the size and impact of the DV Dems through execution of focused priorities.  Please let her know what you think the DV Dems should be focused on – she’d love to hear from you.  

When we participate in the democratic process,

we can change the world!


We Need YOU!