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Meet Our Board

Marisol Rubio

Vice President:
Roxanne Carrillo Garza

Laura Patch

Van Winckel

Kathleen DV Dems picture.jpg

Kathleen got involved in local issues in the late 90s as a founding member of Stand-Up, a local coalition of Homeowner’s groups who worked with Contra Costa County and several City councils to develop a neighborhood-beneficial development plan for the Pleasant Hill Bart area.  She worked in a variety of corporate roles in the financial industry including accounting, finance, corporate strategy and more.  She was an active member of the Women’s Network in her company and mentored women in the art of the ask.  She’s a member of the SwingLeft 2020 team in Pleasant Hill and hosts weekly letter writing parties to get voters registered in key swing states.  She’s a member of the DV Dems precinct organizing team and would love all DV Dems members to give it a try.  Kathleen looks forward to helping to grow the size and impact of the DV Dems through execution of focused priorities.  Please let her know what you think the DV Dems should be focused on – she’d love to hear from you.  

When we participate in the democratic process,

we can change the world!

Our Mission

We Need YOU!

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