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  1. Bylaws for the Diablo Valley Democratic Club


  1. Name:
    The name of this organization shall be the Diablo Valley Democratic Club.

  2.  Purpose:
    The Diablo Valley Democratic Club (hereinafter called the Club) has been organized to help determine the future of Central Contra Costa County by promoting and furthering Democratic causes and values.  It will advertise its activities and build its membership from registered Democrats and friends within Central Contra Costa County and neighboring communities. The Club's actions will be guided by commitment to a vision that includes equality, opportunity, freedom, and strong communities.

  3.  Club Affiliation:
    The Club is affiliated with the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County (hereinafter called the DPCCC) and was duly chartered by the Committee on June 20, 2019.

B.  As a chartered and affiliated club of the DPCCC, the Club shall comply with bylaws of the DPCCC and the California Democratic Party (CADEM), as they apply to fully chartered local affiliates.


C.  Under the Club’s charter with the DPCCC, an elected Club member and the member’s Alternate can become voting delegates to the DPCCC for a term of 2 years according to the provisions of Sections D and E below. The “Club DPCCC Voting Representatives Application” is required to be submitted to the DPCCC within 30 days of the intended acceptance of Voting Members.


D.  Club Representatives to CADEM and the DPCCC shall be selected by a vote of the Club’s Board of Directors.  The Voting Member and Alternate must not already be a Voting Member of the DPCCC or be willing to relinquish their current voting status upon accepting the Club Voting Member status. The Voting Members and Alternate must adhere to the requirements of the DPCCC.


E.  Club Representatives described in this Article, when participating in voting and discussion in that capacity, shall adhere to and represent the Club’s official positions wherever applicable, and shall agree to do so prior to their selection.

  1. Membership Requirements

    1. Qualifications: Any individual qualifies for Club membership if:

      1. The individual is a registered Democrat; (Voting Member) or

      2. The individual is ineligible to vote (due to minority, non-residency, or other legal status), but pledges to register as a Democrat when eligibility is attained; and they support the purpose of the Club as stated in Article II, above (nonvoting or Associate Member).

    2. Membership: A qualified individual shall be considered a “member in good standing” only if

      1. The member has paid all club dues by the date set forth by the CADEM Chair for the Pre-Endorsement Conference. However, members may still be in good standing for Club voting and activities if they join after that date in accordance with our existing endorsement process and voting bylaws.

      2. All members in good standing are Voting Members.

      3. Members should renew their membership annually as of January 1st and no later than the date set forth by the CADEM Chair to ensure full benefits and participation of being a Club member.

  2. Dues

    1. Each member shall pay their annual dues of not less than required by the DPCCC. Changes in the dues structure shall be determined by a vote of the Officers of the Club. Dues are due on January 1 of each calendar year. Dues paid on Sept. 1 or afterwards will cover membership until Dec. 31 of the following year. Accommodations will be made with the approval of the Board in cases of need after the potential member makes a request to the President.

    2. Dues shall be managed by the Treasurer and placed in a Club account, reported on at each meeting.

    3. Dues paid will cover all household members who are registered Democrats or identify as a Democrat but cannot register due to extenuating circumstances. 

  1. Meetings

    1. Regular Meetings

  • The Club shall hold regular monthly meetings on such day as the membership may determine from time to time.

  1. Special Meetings

    1. The President may call special meetings at any time, on notice as specified below.

    2. In the absence of the President, any two officers may call a special meeting, on notice as specified below.

  2. Notice of Meeting

    1. Notice of regular or special meetings shall be given at least 5 days in advance to all members in good standing in any manner as follows:

  1. Notice in writing by US mail

  2. Notice in writing by e-mail and/or text

  3. Telephone message

  1. Notice of the meeting shall be deemed sufficient by any manner specified above if such notice includes the date, time, and location and is calculated to be received at least 5 days prior to the meeting.

  2. Notice of a proposed action may be waived by 2/3 vote of Voting Members present in good standing.

  1. Minutes

    1. Minutes of each meeting summarizing the Order of Business at that meeting will be prepared by the Secretary;

    2. Minutes of each meeting will be published to the members by the Secretary via e-mail or by any arrangement to which the Secretary agrees to for any member desirous of receipt of meeting minutes by means other than e-mail. 

  1. Rules for Meetings

    1. A minimum of seven Voting Members is required for a valid vote.

    2. Unless otherwise specified in these Bylaws, the Club may adopt events and conduct regular business with a vote of 50 percent plus one of the Voting Members present.

    3. The Club may pass resolutions not related to endorsements with a vote of 50 percent plus one of Voting Members present.

  2. Candidate Endorsements

  1. A process to consider the endorsement of candidates must be approved prior to any suggestion of endorsements.  If the discussion of an endorsement process is noticed in the meeting agenda, such process must be approved by a simple majority of those present and voting at any meeting.  

  2. If the discussion of an endorsement process is brought up from the floor as New Business, such a process will be placed on the agenda of a future meeting. Under no circumstances may the Club consider the endorsement of a candidate for public office who is not registered with the Democratic Party.  The minimum threshold for endorsement in a race with multiple Democratic candidates is a simple majority of the members present and voting.

  3. Deadline to become a member in good standing and be able to vote for candidate endorsements will be in accordance with our currently adopted endorsement process, which is 30 calendar days prior to the endorsement meeting.

  1. CADEM Pre-Endorsement Caucuses

  1. A delegate to the Pre-Endorsement Caucus must be a member in good standing as defined in section E(b) within our Club bylaws.

  2. “Any roster submitted to the California Democratic Party (CADEM/CDP) for participation in the CADEM pre-endorsement caucuses will only have members in good standing, as defined in these bylaws, as of the date set by the CADEM Chair prior to the caucuses.”

  3. Delegate Selection Process: 

    1. The Club will have one delegate to the CADEM Pre-Endorsement Caucus hosted by the DPCCC for every 20 unique members in good standing as of the date set by the CADEM Chair prior to the caucuses.

    2. The first delegate seat will go to the Club Representative Alternate should they be available. 

    3. The remaining delegate seats to the Pre-Endorsement Caucus shall be chosen by the Club Executive Board from an interested list of members in good standing as of the date set by the CADEM Chair prior to the caucuses. Members in good standing will be sent a minimum of a 10-day advance notice that the club is seeking people to represent it at the pre-endorsement caucus. 

    4. The overall list of representatives to all conferences adhere to the Equal Division Rule to the extent possible.

  1. Club Representatives

    1. The Club shall be represented at meetings of the DPCCC and any Assembly District Committee meetings at which it may be entitled to membership, and at meetings of the California Democratic Council.  A person may serve as representative to more than one outside body if the club membership approves. 

    2. The President and Vice President will serve as the Club Representative and Alternate, respectively.

    3. If the President is already a Voting Member at the DPCCC, then the current Alternate will become the primary Club Representative. The newly vacated Alternate seat will be open to any Club member in good standing as of the date set by the CADEM Chair.

    4. If both the President or Vice President are Voting Members at the DPCCC or are unable to serve, then the Alternate seats will be open to any Club member in good standing as of the date set by the CADEM Chair. 

    5. The selection of the Club Representatives shall be approved by Club Voting Members in good standing as of the date set by the CADEM Chair. 

  2. Officers

  1. Constitution: Club Officers shall consist of the President, the Vice President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer. Each Office shall be a two-year term.

  2. Election: Election of Officers shall be held in June at our regular meeting.  

  3. Vacancies: 

    1. The President may appoint members in good standing to temporarily fill unexpired terms of office, subject to election by the membership at the next Club meeting or 30-60 days after the office is vacated.

    2. If the President vacates office, the Vice President shall fill the position of President, until an election is held to fill the President’s remaining term of office. 

    3. The President shall officiate at all meetings of the Club. 

    4. In the temporary absence of the President, the Vice President shall serve as President. 

    5. If the position of Vice President is vacant, the Secretary shall serve as Vice President. 

    6. If the Secretary and Vice President are absent, the Treasurer shall serve as Vice President.

  4. The Secretary shall be responsible to ensure that all members are notified of Club meetings and activities. Attendance and adequate minutes shall be taken at each meeting and posted in the agenda for approval at the following meeting.

  5. The Treasurer shall maintain all written and financial records of the Club.

  6. The President may appoint Club members to serve in other capacities as needed.

  7. The Club may elect such other officers as may be deemed necessary from time to time to conduct Club business.

  8. Deadline to become a member in good standing and be able to vote for Club Officers and candidate endorsements are 30 calendar days in advance.



Changes to the constitution and bylaws not specifically referenced

elsewhere must be noticed to the membership at least 5 days before the

vote in question and must be approved by 2/3 of Voting Members




The President may propose committees as needed.








Certified by:

Laura Patch


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