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Endorsement Process

For Club Members and Candidates


  1. Endorsement Committee will create a questionnaire for candidates seeking endorsement.

  2. Candidates must submit completed questionnaire by published deadline to be considered for endorsement.

  3. Endorsement Committee will make recommendations to members.

  4. Members will vote on all candidates seeking endorsement in each race. For this particular process, there will be no consent calendar.

Only these races will follow this endorsement process:

  1. AD 15 and AD 16

  2. SD 9 and SD 7

  3. CD 8 and CD 10 (previously known as 11)



  • Voting Per Person:

    • In each race, you can only vote once. 

  • Voting Method:

    • Virtual, voting will take place via a protected Google Form and be visible only to the Endorsement Committee Lead.


Only candidates who submitted their questionnaire on time, make a good effort to attend the Candidate Forum, and are recommended by the endorsement committee will be listed/named on the ballots.

The endorsement threshold is a minimum of 50% of affirmative votes cast on any endorsement by members in good standing.

The actual vote tally shall not be disclosed to the press or general public.
All balloting shall also include “No Endorsement” as a choice for each contest. If no candidate receives majority of of affirmative votes, club will take a “no consensus” stance. 


Voting Members: Persons who have been Members in Good Standing for at least 30 days before the vote.


Members in Good Standing: Persons who have paid dues for the current calendar year. 


Positions: The specific positions of a candidate in a candidate race are the candidate’s and not necessarily the Club’s. 


Measures, Contests, Propositions: If they are on the ballot, they will be considered in future elections, and the endorsement committee will regroup and will solicit volunteers for participation.


Timeline: meetings subject to change depending on the endorsement committee members’ calendars and to avoid conflicts with DPCCC endorsement committee process.​

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