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What is the California Democratic Party pre-endorsement caucus?


The California Democratic Party (CDP) will be endorsing Democratic candidates for State and Federal Democratic offices in the 2020 election cycle.   The pre-endorsement process is a way for Democratic delegates to voice who they want to endorse in their local partisan races for the CA Assembly, CA Senate and U.S. Congress. 


Caucuses run by the CDP’s 20 Regional Directors are held all over the state.  Each Regional Director is responsible for 2 to 4 Assembly Districts.  The name ‘pre-endorsement’ is because the caucuses happen prior to the CDP state endorsing convention that will happen in November 2019.


Why have a pre-endorsement caucus?


Who knows the candidates better than the people in their regions?  And there are a lot of candidates - 80 Assembly Districts & 53 Congressional Districts elected every two years, and 40 State Senate Districts elected every four years.   And, there may be multiple Democratic candidates for a single office.   Imagine the logistics of having an endorsement process for each of the races at one CDP convention! 


Having local caucuses also enables the CDP to include chartered Democratic clubs in the process.  The option to send voting representatives to the caucuses gives an additional group of Democrats, who aren’t delegates to the CDP, an opportunity to participate in the endorsement process.


What are the requirements to be a pre-endorsement voting club representative?


1)  Must be a DVDems member in good standing as of May 1, 2019.

2)  Must not be otherwise able to vote in the 2019 pre-endorsement caucus.

3)  Must be able to attend the pre-endorsement caucus to be held locally on October 6, 2019 or send in a ballot by email or FAX prior to the caucus.

4)  There is no obligation to attend the CDP endorsing convention in November.  The designation as pre-endorsement voting club representative is specifically for participation in the pre-endorsement caucus and does not confer any other voting status.


What is the deadline?


July 9th, is the deadline for the DVDems to submit a list of potential pre-endorsement voting representatives to our CDP Regional Director. 


So, submit the form above ASAP to indicate your interest in serving as a voting representative for the DVDems!

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